Yoga with Rob

Hey there,
my name is Rob.

I'm a yoga teacher
living and teaching
in the Ottawa area. 

My classes are focused on exploring creative, fluid movement that will challenge you physically and mentally while keeping you connected to your body and the present moment.  

Beyond the physical practice, yoga is such a beautiful form of self discipline. We have the opportunity to learn to connect with ourselves and our bodies in a way that is unexplainable.  Unlike most other practices, there is no pressure to do anything. The only pressure is created by us, and our egos. We learn when to push ourselves to our edge, and we learn when to humble the ego and surrender. We look to create this balance between effort and ease. When we honour this balance in every aspect of our lives we are constantly on a path of gradual progress without the risks associated with overexertion. 

A yoga practice is called a practice for a reason. As we move through life, we are constantly presented with situations and circumstances to apply our practice. Together, let's view these as opportunities to share our practice with world. 

Much love,



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