Feel Light Masterclass
3:00 PM15:00

Feel Light Masterclass

This workshop is all about focusing on how to feel light in your yoga practice. We will move through a strong dynamic practice to warm up and target key areas of the body and familiarize ourselves with specific movements that will translate into moving with control. We will then break down, analyze, troubleshoot and play with movements such as hopping to the front of the mat, hopping back into chaturanga, hopping towards handstand, falling out of handstand, handstand at the wall and working towards floating into handstand. There will be partner work, wall work, time to ask questions and have interactive conversation.

This workshop is not only for people interested in working towards handstand, but for anyone who wants to learn how to develop the skill, technique and courage to bring more play and control into their practice. This workshop will be limited to a smaller group to ensure more space and attention from instructor.

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Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing
to Oct 12

Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing

Dates: September 21 & 22
October 12 & 13

*Days will run from 9-5 with a lunch break

Yoga teachers! Do you ever practice with certain teachers and wonder “how did they think of that”? Do you find yourself spending WAY too much time thinking about what you want to teach? Do you keep coming back to the same sequence and series of movements no matter how hard you try to get away from it? A creative, well instructed, methodical sequence can make all the difference in getting students engaged in their practice and leaving feeling like they can’t wait to be back.

This training is intended for yoga teachers, teachers in training or dedicated students who want to learn more about the process of putting together an intelligently sequenced effective practice.

Program Overview

  • Establish and honour your teaching philosophy to help you teach authentically.

  • Step outside of “Peak Pose” sequencing.

  • Bring techniques from other movement practices and physical disciplines into the yoga practice while still keeping it “yoga”.

  • Sequence on the fly.

  • Learn how and when to properly incorporate movement and pose breakdown into your sequence without ruining the flow.

  • Teach common poses and movements in a variety of ways to compliment the purpose of your sequence.

  • Explore the endless possibilities of complex transitions.

  • Understand complex movements and how to teach them safely.

  • Incorporate arm balances and inversions into your sequence.

  • Alter a sequence to give it an entirely new feel and direction.

  • Use blocks to enhance EVERY student’s experience.

  • Techniques to help you think outside the box and bring your own creativity into your sequence.

  • Read the room, alter your planned sequence on the fly to accommodate who showed up to your class.

  • The power of music, holding space, precise instruction: Learn how to balance these three principles to create a unique experience.

  • Learn the simple layout of building an advanced sequence and how it’s interchangeable to create endless possibilities.

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